Wood Fences

Quintessential Fences is more widely known in South Florida for their wood fences. Clients looking for classic styles such as Shadow Box, Board on Board or more custom looks such as our horizontal wood fence will be pleased with the clean lines and quality of the material.

All of our fences feature pressure treated pine sourced in the USA (local when possible).

Standard Styles


Gaps in wood design allow for slight visibility and airflow into the property. Not recommended for homes with a pool due to safety laws and codes in certain municipalities.

shadow box wood fence quintessential

Board on Board

This is the ideal wooden style for privacy. The overlapping wooden boards allow for little to no visibility into your property. Board on Board is the same price per foot as Shadowbox.


Stockade is the most cost-effective of our standard wood styles. The difference in price is due to a lesser material count. Don’t worry! This style is just as sturdy as its pricier counterparts.

Custom Styles


Horizontal wood fences are some of our favorite projects. Some cities require engineer drawings so be on the lookout for the additional expense. However, it is well worth it! We offer an array of gate designs to go with it from self-closing, motorized and sliding gates.

Luxury Designs

If you’re looking for something completely different, we can help! We can source different types of wood, custom details and work with an engineer to create the luxury wood fence of your dreams all while meeting city codes and regulations.

Our company serves Miami Dade and Broward with Palm Beach County coming soon! We are licensed and insured. For more information on any of these styles please email us today! Contact us at info@quintessentialfences.com to schedule an appointment and receive your complimentary quote.