PVC Fences

Polyvinyl chloride otherwise known as PVC is one of our most popular material choices at Quintessential Fences. Although it is not the most inexpensive option, it is the most durable. If you’re thinking about a PVC Fence for your next project here’s are some of the perks:

PVC fences last longer than other types of fences. Because the PVC is a type of plastic, it will not rot, rust or decay like other materials. This at least doubles the lifespan of your fence in comparison to other wood and aluminum styles of fencing.

Looking for minimal maintenance? PVC is the way to go.  Although the most popular PVC style comes in standard white, it can be ordered in tan, gray and other colors saving you time and money on staining and other changes.

Tip: Sometimes when sprinklers are placed alongside your fence, dark orange circles may appear over time. We recommend using CLR to remove the rings and the fence will be as good as new!

The ideal style for maximum privacy is PVC. Wood, aluminum, and chain link styles have gaps making your property somewhat visible from the outside. If having a privacy fence is a priority, this style would be your best choice.

What makes Quintessential Fences different? Our material comes from the largest supplier in south Florida. All of the material is fabricated in the USA. Some of the styles we provide are:

Vinyl Privacy

PVC Fence

Vinyl Shadowbox

PVC Shadow Box

Louvered Vinyl

Louvered PVC

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