Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence is one of the more traditional and cost effective fence materials on the market. Used for a variety of purposes spanning from residential to commercial properties, or as a means of securing on going constructions sites.

Here at Quintessential Fence Contractors, we specialize in the permanent chain link fence installation for both commercial and residential projects.

Chain Link Fences generally come in two style options – galvanized or vinyl coated – with the vinyl coated options being wither in green or black. Depending on the city that you live in the and your property’s zoning designation, a chain link fence can be installed with a height range of 4 feet to 8 feet high (exceptions apply).

Other uses for chain link fence include enclosing and partitioning sections of commercial warehouses and yards, pet enclosures or dog runs, and so on.

Quintessential Fence Contractors offers a range of pricing for commercial and residential projects in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Call us today to request your complimentary estimate for chain link fence installations: 305.454.4165 or email us at