Now Accepting Major Credit Cards

Great news for home and business owners looking to improve their property! Quintessential Fence Contractors now accepts major credit cards at no additional cost to our clients. Through the use of Square, we can now accept credit cards at clients’ convenience, safely and securely.

How does it work?

After our initial estimate, we coordinate a visit to our client’s home to sign off on their project. While we’re there, we will review our contract and collect our initial deposit. With our portable Square reader, we can accept your credit card payment on our phone, tablet or computer. After the transaction has cleared, our clients will receive a receipt from Quintessential, our accounting software, and Square directly to through text or email.

Is it safe?

Quintessential Fences and Square do not store any private information, including credit card numbers. All of our clients’ data is encrypted during the swipe, protecting them from fraudulent activity. We chose to work with Square for their reputation in consumer security.

According to Square, their company “adhere[s] to industry-leading standards to manage [their] network, secure web and client applications, and set policies across [their] organization.

Questions? Email us at to request more information on how we collect payment.

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